Q: How many activities per month must I take in order to qualify for points?

A: You must take one activity per month in order to qualify for points and points received by others on your team for doing activities. As an example, let's say it's June and during the month of June you earned 10,000 points by referring others to the site and those referrals have taken their qualifying activities during that month. Let's also say that the original member earned additional points by taking surveys and playing games during the month of June adding to another 3,000 points. In this case, 13,000 points would be posted to his account.

Q: How much is a point worth?

A: The value of a point varies on a number of things. 1. Whether the member is redeeming for products or cash. 2. If products - what retailer is being used. 3. The amount of sales that a store makes on the Successimo site. 4. The amount of expense that Successimo can afford while making a profit. 5. Generally, Successimo would like to achieve giving $100 worth of product for 50,000 points. Don't forget each month, the member gets points for the same members on their team that does activities during the month.

Q: H How many people can I add to my list of team members?

A: A member can sponsor as many prospective new members as they would like on their first tier through their 8th tier. The member on the first tier is now considered a new team leader to everyone on their 1st thru 8th tiers. After the team leader accomplishes obtaining 8 tiers of members, the leader does not get credit for lower tiers.

Q: How do I redeem my points when making a purchase?

A: You will be told how many points you will be using in order to purchase a particular product. When you pay for the product (usually with a credit card) the number of points used will be deducted from your account. In the event you purchase the product with a Successimo issued credit card, you will be told how many bonus points you will receive once your purchase clears (usually 30 t0 60 days). Successimo will also send, on your behalf, the amount of dollars you have in points for your purchase within 5-7 days, thereby replenishing your credit card. In the event you choose not to obtain a credit or debit card through Successimo, you will be sent the monies that you used for the purchase when the store completes the transaction on the books (usually 30 - 60 days).

Q: Can I contact and network with all the members of Successimo?

A: There are a number of ways to network with Successimo. 1. There is networking ability where you can e-mail or send a local message for anyone on your team, and you can reply to any member of your team 2. You can start a Team Thread, where all members of the team can contribute. 3. You can participate in our Discussion Blog which encompasses the entire Successimo network on particular areas of interest and subject matters.