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Successimo offers eRewards and the tools to make extra money. Learn how to be successful. We know success is a learned process and having the tools to get there makes a huge difference. But having the tools is not enough; Successimo provides motivation, encouragement and support from our mentors, life coaches, team leaders and members.


You earn points for taking lessons and activities and you earn points for referring other members to join your team. They earn points for doing the same. As you build your network and continue with learning activities you build your monthly income from reward points.

You can redeem your points for cash or for products from your favorite merchants!

Make Extra Money

Points from team building

Each member you bring into your network will earn you points by taking ‘Learning Activities’ on the site as long as you have taken a ‘Learning Activity’ during that month. The members you refer will also receive point rewards for each ‘Learning Activity’ they take.

Now it gets interesting: If a member you refer invites someone else into your network, you get points for each ‘Learning Activity’ taken by either user. You are rewarded again and again, as a member brings in a member who brings in a member and so on up to 8 tiers deep. You get rewarded as long as you do one activity each month. The maximum number of points you can receive during one month from any of your team members is 300 points.

Mentoring and Team Building

When you refer another member and they take one learning activity, you receive a 1 time reward of 250 points. You also get points for each learning activity completed by members you invited to the site and all the members they invite - up to 300 points per user, up to 8 levels below you. Imagine having hundreds of members on your team!

As we said, you are awarded points again and again as the network grows. And when they sponsor a member, they earn themselves can earn up to 300 points for each member in taking lessons for the month. Let's demonstrate in both dollars and points how the Successimo Program works for you:

Your Account- One time earning of  250 points for each member you place in the first tier

Your Account- Earn up to 300 points by taking learning activities on the site.

Success Level # 1 You receive per sponsored member up to 300 Points for Learning Activities= $.60
Success Level # 2 You receive per sponsored member up to 300 Points for Learning Activities= $.60
Success Level # 3 You receive per sponsored member up to 300 Points for Learning Activities= $.60
Success Level # 4-8-  Same as above

* At each level above the number of points that go to the you for each activity would be reduced from 30 points for the first level, to 15 points on the 2nd level,8 on the 3rd,4 on the 4th, 2 on the 5th, 2 on the 6th, 1 on the 7th, and 1 on the 8th.