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Mentoring for Self Growth and Business Success

Executive Coaching

Dr. Bob Ruotolo is an executive coach, relationship coach and professional speaker with over 25 years of Organization Development, Human Resources management and business consulting experience.

Sports - Motivational Training

He has also coached Olympic athletes to reach peak performance through mental conditioning. 

He shares his knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for helping others to be truly successful in their lives in a variety of ways. 


As founder of the Quantum Performance Institute he focuses on helping businesses create a corporate culture that ignites the spirit of their employees through leadership development to improve productivity and personal satisfaction at every level of the workforce.

The firm, under Dr. Bob's leadership, is committed to being of service to our community and in particular to our youth. 

Educator and Mentor

He is a doctorial mentor on faculty at the University of Phoenix. 

A sought after corporate lecturer, Dr. Bob has also worked with numerous not-for-profits, educational and professional organizations.

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